Makenzie S.

1st period

September 10th

''My Rockin' Summer!''

'' Tan lines will fade, but the memories will last forever...'' -tumblr

    The burning sand squished between your toes, the calming crash of wild waves, and the smell of sticky white sunscreen filled the summer air. This had to be the best summer yet! My summer started with a 12 hour trip to Destin, FL, and ended with going to see my  role model, Demi Lovato, in concert! But my favorite part of the whole entire summer, was to spend a week in Florida with my family! My summer was so fun, from the beginning to the end!

    I loved summer break! I am a huge soccer fan, and to watch the world cup was a... MUST! Although my favorite team,(Real Madrid), didn't win, it was a great tournament! And every Monday through Thursday, I would go to my soccer practice. Even though it was hot, I had so much fun with my team! I also stayed at home and had a Disney movie  marathon with my little sister, we had popcorn, candy, and lots of blankets! My summer was very eventful, but I missed many of my school friends! But when it was time for school to start...I didn't want summer to end! But if we had summer all the time, it wouldn't be so special!

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