Water Bowl

Harry (AKA Nut Ball)

(Your Pet's Name)'s Stats

  • Breed: Jerk
  • Location: lakewood, Oh.
  • Age: 7-ish
  • Favorite Treat: Likes dog treats?!
  • Favorite Toy: paper, mice, strings, chasing his own tail, anything that moves or can be knocked over.
  • Favorite Game: Chase the_____. (input any word)

The other half of the set of kittens from SPCA Philly. See "Peggy Von Lazypants." He is the active half of the set, running around doing ballet (tail chasing), knocking crap over, eating toilet paper, inspecting all boxes and bags, and being a general nut ball pain in the tush. I do love him, but today he knocked over like 25 things and broke a glass, so maybe not the best day to write his bio. :-) But look at those eyes. He's too cute to stay mad at. Good thing too- for his sake.

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