5 Tips for Online Safety
By McKenna Marsh

Tip 1

BE NICE!! Cyberbullying is illegal in 34 states, so don't do it! You wouldn't want to be called mean things so don't do it to other people.


Tip 2

Don't share any personal information! For example don't give out your phone number, address, what school you go to, etc. Someone could take that information and hunt you down.

Tip 3

People can say whatever they want online. A "friend" that you chat with could really be some creepy 40 year old guy. Don't talk to people you don't know.

Tip 4

DO NOT meet anybody offline that you don't know. Even if you have been talking to each other for a long time. Like in tip 3, they can say that they are a girl or guy your age but really they are someone else.

Tip 5

Don't post something you will regret in the future. Even if you delete it, it will ALWAYS be there, not matter what. Employers, teachers, coaches, anybody can get on and see what you have posted, and that could wreck your future.

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