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About Encore Coatings

For consumers in need of quality coatings and additives for paint, Encore Coatings offers a diverse line of readily available products designed for easy maintenance. With a specific focus on environmental safety, product uses range from preserving concrete and wood decks and surfaces, to rust prevention, paint-life extension, and protection of marine pilings. Over the years, Encore Coatings’ products have found use in many private and public projects, including the pier at the Statue of Liberty and at the Florida National Seashore.

TripleCrown provides a simple solution for concrete cleaning. Designed with ease of use and harmless application in mind, the deep penetrating action and overall cleaning power finds practical use on pool decks, sidewalks, and driveways. RustOx is an Encore Coatings paint additive allowing for choice of any color, effortless mixing, and the capacity to apply easily, fully stopping rust bleed through. Also offering POLYMATRx Paint Additive, the chemical addition gives paint extra elasticity, providing more flexibility and consequently allowing for better interaction with the surface it is on, affording added longevity. Rounding out Encore Coatings' product line is 21PolyPlus, a product specifically designed to defend the environment from the leaching of submerged marine pilings, while also protecting the pilings themselves from the harsh effects of saltwater.

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