Persuasive essay  


The world would be such a better place if there were more good people around. More good people can lead to a more peaceful environment.

The more good people there is the more other people will see a the outcome and eventually might start doing the good thing more often.

A very popularly discussed issue in today's society is world peace. Many people do go for the idea for world peace but not a lot of people actually try to make it happen or at least for a change.

In conclusion I do believe more good people are needed in the world because there could be many of great things that can come from it. If we just tried a be a little bit nicer everyday maybe we can make something from it.

Letter of recommendation

I would like to recommend Jenny Guzman to be in your team and help justice be served. While I observed how she picks out proof for her cases and how well she debates, I knew she'd be an outstanding lawyer that would be perfect to work for you. She's very serious about her work and very passionate and dedicated to it.

She has a great way of thinking and she can achieve anything with her positive attitude.


April Rodriguez

Cover letter // letter of intent  

Rodriguez, April

19 maple street

El Pas, TX 79935

May 26th 2015

Rodriguez, April. Music Photography

New York photography

680 South Street

New York, NY. 71972

Dear Miranda Smith,

I am interested in your job opening as a music photographer. I am dedicated and hard working in what I do. I can make many memories for people with my photographs which can bring many smiles later on.

I did take many photography class in summers and got training from the best photographers out there!

Feel frI'm ee to contact me whenever to set up and interview.

Yours truly,

April Rodriguez


April Rodriguez


19 maple street

My long term goal is to become a professional music photographer and take photographs of any festival/music event

Education //

~Jane A. Hambric 2004-2014

~El Dorado 9th Grade Academy 2014-2015

~El Dorado High School 2015-2018

Experience //

I attended many photography classes during summer vacations. June/july 2014

Skills //

I can take clear, nice photographs. I also have much experience with cameras, I do know a lot about music & cameras as well.


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