Engage Math & Digital Tools

A collection of resources for our exploration today at Herb Campbell

Quick Apps

So many apps, so little time. Just a few to start the exploration.

  • Quick Apps Posters
  • Kindergarten check out Touch Counts
  • Explore what is on your school iPads already? Any virtual manipulative apps you can use?

Digital Provocations

What is a question that students just have to answer? How can we motivate and engage learners in mathematics?

Capturing Thinking

Whether you use the apps to document your class learning, provoke student understanding or to capture student thinking. Your camera tool and the below apps are a great place to start!

Ongoing Assessment Tools

When you are hoping to quickly capture student understanding to drive instruction, try one of the following tools. Socrative will allow you to capture both multiple choice and short answers. Kahoot turns it into a game!

Sharing your Learning

What are you learning? What are others learning? Explore on social media. No account required.

What's 1 thing you will use/try this next week?