Engagement Rings amidst Different Periods

Have you ever wondered about the bygone times and the kind of engagement rings adorned by people over the past few decades? That intriguing piece of jewellery is still relevant and very much in vogue for all those who have an eclectic taste for unique and well-crafted jewellery that expresses their distinctive style. They represent a characteristic style and depict the traits of the different periods that have passed by.

Wish to demystify various styles such as Art Deco, Georgian Engagement Rings, Victorian Engagement Rings, Vintage Engagement Rings and the Retro style? Then here it is; the following descriptions will help you select the perfect ring for your engagement:

  • Georgian Engagement Rings

This era was characterised by wealthy aristocrats whose attire was mostly jewel-laden comprising pocket watches, bejeweled buttons and shoe buckles, gem encrusted tiaras and the likes. These stunning and elaborate forms of jewellery signified their grandiose lifestyles. One of the most exotic forms of their jewellery was the Georgian Crowned Heart Diamond Ring that was exchanged as a pledge of loyalty and love.

  • Victorian Engagement Rings

Three-stone style engagement rings are one of the designs that have taken shape during the Victorian times. This era comprised an array of designs that symbolized love and affection in the form of an engagement ring. Designs such as engraving names, interlacing heart designs, symbols representing eternal love and other artistic creation on one’s engagement ring was all a part of these Victorian times.

  • Edwardian Engagement Rings

These rings were light and delicate, representing true feminine beauty and reflecting the fashion choices of that era. Edwardian Rings are designed in a delicate fashion and comprise of filigree work in fine patterns with the diamond engraved over platinum or gold. The pattern was lacy and delicately feminine.

  • Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage engagement ring is one that is etched and designed in the style of the bygone era; quite different from an antique ring. An antique ring is aged about 50 years or more while a vintage style engagement ring is the modern version made in the old-school vintage style. Vintage diamond rings are skilfully crafted, making use of the new-age machinery but is instilled with the glamour and romance of the bygone era. It is exquisitely designed and is quite appealing to the modern generation.

  • Art Deco Engagement Rings

These are one of the most popular types of jewels that are inspired by archaeological designs and are notably geometrical and symmetrical in shape. These types of engagement rings are vibrant and comprise various other forms of stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphire with an impeccable finishing.