Edgar Allan Poe

Eliza Poe and David Poe had a baby names William. Then they gave birth to a second son, Edgar Allan Poe. Poe's dad was an alcoholic and had deserted his wife and her two sons. In the summer she gave birth to a little girl names Rosalie. When she gave up her childeren Edgar was not yet three years old. John and Frances Allan lived in Richmond, Viginia and helped take car of Mr.Poe. William was sent to live with relatives in Baltimore and Rosalie was taken in by another Richmoned family. Poe was never fully adopted , but he lived with the Allan's for a long time and he honored them by taking Allan as him middle name.

Allan said by age six Poe was a "good scholar" and he had learned to read Latin "pretty sharpy". When he was thirteen he began writing poetry of his own. He was a great student in college but owed large debts.  He spent the money on drinking, gambiling, and expensive tastes. Allan refused to pay and Poe had to drop out of college. Poe went into the Military and lied about his name and age so the Allan's found out. Later he told everyone how he lied about his age and name and he left the Army. After living in New York for two years, Poe moved in with his widowed Aunt Maria Poe Clemm. She was already taking care of his brother, and alcoholic. A few months later William died leaving Poe with Maria and his daughter. Later Poe married his first cousin virginia. When his wife died he wrote a book about her. He will ill and Marie Louise Shew nursed him back to health.

Like his mother Poe was talented. Like his father, Poe was destroyed by alcoholism. Sadly Poe died when he was just begging to achieve his pull power as a great poet.

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