Merry Christmas from the English Family!

2014: A Year in Review

This year was an exciting one in the life of the English family! We have continued teaching, traveled the world, and even added a furry new member to our family.  Here are some details about all of those happenings...

Both Lauren and Jordan are in their second year at their different teaching jobs.  Lauren finished up her Master's of Education in K-12 Spanish Education in May, and now spends her days teaching 8th graders the basics of Spanish. She's also had a lot of fun learning to be a better cook, trying lots of new recipes and cooking techniques (especially if the recipes involved chocolate in any form).  

Jordan spends his days wrangling 4th-5th graders as an elementary school Special Education teacher.  He hopes to get a job at the local high school soon so that they both can be in the same school district.  He also has trained and competed in several half and full marathons, even completing his first Half-Ironman in Augusta, Georgia in September.

European Adventures

After finishing up the school year and teaching a month of summer school, Lauren and Jordan spent the entire month of July backpacking through Europe.  They started the trip by visiting some friends in Ireland for a week, then spent the next four weeks traveling through and around Scotland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France.  

Some highlights included...

  • Enjoying a relaxing first few days with good friends in the little beach town of Greystones, Ireland
  • Eating "haggis, neeps, and tatties," exploring the many windy streets and landmarks of Edinburgh, Scotland and Inverness, Scotland (as well as searching for Harry Coos, aka hairy cows, in the Highlands)
  • Watching Germany win the World Cup from the streets of Munich and seeing the victory celebration on one of the city's biggest streets
  • Hiking and seeing the beauty of the Swiss Alps from the tiny mountain town of Gimmelwald, Switzerland
  • Visiting the wonderful Marquardt family in Lausanne, Switzerland and taking boat rides on Lake Geneva
  • Exploring Paris' most famous sights and drinking delicious wine in Bordeaux, France

Adding to the Family

After getting back from Europe, Lauren and Jordan decided to add a new member to the family.  In September, they adopted a black lab mix puppy from Midwest Animal Rescue. This sweet little lady named Olive added tons of joy, snuggles, and fun to their family (even if she did destroy a shoe or two).  She tripled in weight within the first two months of getting her and shows no signs of stopping her growing any time soon!

The Year Ahead

Lauren and Jordan started leading a small group at their church this fall and are excited to continue doing that in the year to come.  They also are in the process of buying a house and hope to move in this January.

We are so grateful for all the friends and family who have made 2014 such a great year.  We hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the New Year!

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