CHS Club fair


Students who want students to participate in events and clubs that will help them in later life, and who want to further education


Teachers: those who want their students to succeed in life, and who want to help them in school
Students: those who are willing to explore their talents and interests to help them through college and later life.


The club fair will motivate both students and teachers to get involved, and help host/attend the club fair.


Ad 1: Radio Commercial by Zoe

Target Audience: Teachers

Ad Placement and Reasoning

The radio ad will be on air on Kiss fm at around 6 pm, because studies show that 90% of teachers listen to Kiss fm, and leave school at around 6 pm.

Propaganda Techniques Used

In the radio ad bandwagon is used to persuade teachers to help host a club fair. If teachers see that lots of other schools are hosting club fairs, then they will be prompted to join in and host one because the club fairs are helping their students. An appeal to fear is used to let teachers know what will happen if they don't have a club fair for their students, because one of teachers worst nightmares is having students who procrastinate and don't work at school.

Ad 2: Television Commercial by Jason

Target Audience: High Schoolers

Ad Placement and Reasoning:

After school from 4-8 studies show that students who get homework done first get done at about 6-7pm, and students that procrastinate end up working at around 8-10pm.

Propaganda Techniques Used

In the first part, a bandwagon is present. After the introduction the first thing that is spoken are the advantages of joining a club which includes having fun and meeting new people. All the people who join typically know the advantages are countless, every club has a specific talent or pastime that can be harnessed for enhance personal abilities to help out with your own community and family. The second propaganda was plain-folk appeal, in this section, pictures are shown with different unnamed students who are having lots of fun and no words needs to be said because they are having so much fun. The visuals of different students like the viewer will make the viewer want to join a club.