Enjoy a Full Life – Follow the Caveman Diet

Teresa Moore is a model with a big appetite. She loves food, culture, fashion and of course, New York City. Her love of food helped her to create her restaurant blog, which further expanded into other areas such as fashion and travel. Living a well balanced lifestyle is something Teresa is dedicated to, and she shares information on how to do this on her Paleo Diet Blog.

Living a clean life means following a diet that resembles the Caveman Diet. There were no grocery stores in caveman days. There were no processing plants, or fryers or even half of the ingredients used in most food today. Words most people can’t even pronounce go into their body’s daily and yet we all wonder when we feel overly fatigued, drained of energy, or just plain sickly. Like a car that doesn’t get the type of oil it needs, our bodies don’t function well on food that has been processed or refined.

In Teresa’s Paleo Diet Blog, she offers advice on what to eat and what not to eat. Some of these items may be more obvious than others. For example, legumes, which include peanuts, are actually not good for you. They contain phytic acid, which is unhealthy because it bonds with other nutrients, not allowing for absorption. Also, some people believe that fat-free products are healthy because they don’t contain any fat, not so. Fat-free products are not allowed on the Caveman Diet because they still contain way too many calories, and are likely processed in some way, shape or form.

Teresa’s Paleo Diet Blog also lists many New York City restaurants complete with recommended dishes to help you discover where to go if you’re strictly following the Caveman Diet, so you can not only stay true to yourself by “eating clean” but also enjoy a night out on the town. Consulting the Paleo Diet Blog is a good idea because there are so many restaurants in New York City to choose from, why would you want to waste your time and money on a bad dinner?

Of course, food is just one aspect of life that should be enjoyed. There are also friends and family, traveling, and spending time on the passions in your life. Following the Caveman Diet will help you achieve a healthier body, which in turn, will help you enjoy everything else in your life more fully.

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