Designing Information Programs for Children

Program Implementation,
Dr. Wendy Rickman,
Thursday, November 7th, 2013

The BookMark Club operates within the Marion Intermediate School building, specifically in the library and the surrounding proximity. This location provides ample space for the fifty enrolled members and the activity stations. The students are divided into groups of six to eight and assigned a starting station with a facilitating teacher. The students participate in one of six station activities for thirty minutes daily, rotating to the next station the following day. The BMC meets Monday through Thursday from October to mid December for thirty minutes before the normal school day begins. This rotation provides these students an impressive total of two additional hours of small group intensive skill reinforcement per week.

Students are grouped as colors and rotate through the station activities.
Silent Reading Activity Station in the adjacent supplement studies room.
Education City Station
Board Game Station
Study Island Station Customization option for targeted skills

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