Why Biotechnology is Important to Me

By: Kaela Sykes

What is Biotechnology?

Biotechnology is when scientists take proteins and put them in plants to make more food, medicines, and other things that wee use daily.

What do you mean it

From what the statistics say, we need to grow fifty percent more food than what we have now by 2030. The process that biotechnology goes through tries to help us grow more food with less crop land. Biotechnology is trying to genetically modify plants to grow more food in one crop when the proteins have been put in them than the crop that has nothing. Biotechnology has also been trying to make the plants more durable to diseases and insects.

Why do I think Biotechnology is Important

I think Biotechnology is important, because without it we would be lost. We wouldn't be able to grow the food for the world without Biotechnology in the future. Most of what we eat today is from Biotechnology, and we didn't have Biotechnology we wouldn't be able to feed our world as much as we do today.

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