Fire and Ice

Francesca Evans


Volcano is a noun

A volcano is a geologic formation that releases pressure from within Earth

The volcano erupted sending the towns people into a frenzy.


Avalanche is a noun

An avalanche is a mass of snow, ice, and rocks falling rapidly down a mountainside.

The avalanche suddenly appeared, sending the three teens, who were skiing down Mt. Hood, tumbling down the mountain, to never be seen again.


B) The movement of tectonic plates helped form Washington's mountains and plateaus by the activity of its convergent plates, divergent plates, and transform plates. For example, The Juan de Fuca plate created many of our land-forms, the Juan de Fuca plate is a smaller portion of the Pacific plate, it is also an oceanic plate. And as the Juan de Fuca plate advanced with time, it raised the Cascade Mountains and pushed the Pacific Ocean westward."It also fractured the crust between the Rocky and Cascade mountain ranges." Which happened a bit later on, and formed the Columbia Plateau with the magma that surged upwards and solidified, from cause of divergent plates.

C) I think that the Puget ice lobe had the most impact on Washington's physical landscape. I know that the Okanogan,and Polson also had a lot of impact, but it was all focused in one area. The Puget ice lobe created many of our mountains, our waterways,('These protected waterways provide Washington with excellent shipping harbors.")and our islands. Only the tallest of the original mountains remained after the Puget ice lobe had crashed into Western Washington. The land was greatly transformed after the ice melted, and that is why I think that the Puget ice lobe had the greatest impact.

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