Enormous Benefits of In Home Care and Companionship

1.Enrichment Activities Go Beyond Keeping Individuals Safe and Independent

2.Medication Reminders Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Hospitalization

3.Helping With Laundry Conserves Energy for Many Older Adults

4.Light Housekeeping Helps Keep Things Neat and Can Help Avoid Unnecessary Falls

5.Transferring and Positioning

6.Bathing and Hygiene Provide a Positive Boost for Older Adults

7.Mobility Assistance Helps Individuals Get Out of Their Homes

8.Respite Care and Relief Provides a Much Needed Break for Family Caregivers

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2 years ago

All of these advantages may seem small and simple, but they make a significant difference in the lives of seniors or disabled family members. My grandmother is caring for her husband by herself, but I am worried about how it is affecting her. Obviously, it would not make sense to separate them, but it has been a heavy burden. I would feel much better if there was someone living with them to take care of all of those little (and big) things.

2 years ago

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