lacy Ryser core 3


First we crossed our legs and sat up straight and breathed in our nose and out our mouth.We did this for a minute or two. Then we lied down and Mr. Hallcuff told us a story and we imagine what it looked like. My animal friend was a monkey (pic shown at the bottom). After that we got to sleep for the rest of the period. I was relaxed the whole rest of the day.

I thought that meditation would be boring and tiring but it was fun. Meditating is so relaxing it was very relaxing. Now i think i will try to meditate more at home because if I'm stressed or mad it might help me to forget about it and relax me. I would also meditate to help me get to sleep. Meditation will make a big impact on most peoples lives including mine.

my animal friend

meditation- a task to help you relax and get rid of all your thoughts good or bad.
mantra- a sound/word you say while meditating
deep breathing- a way of breathing that refreshes you and calms you

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