Santiago Paredes
All about Me

hamburger,soccer,family,dogs,ice cream,my inspiration

Batman:is my inspiration. He saves people and he is very powerful. He fights villains and has a super suit. Batman is very good fighting with villains and helping people. I like his movies and i would like for him to exist. He has a bat symbol. He lost his parents and Alfred takes care of him. He is also rich. He is one of the best superheroes. But he is not from marvel. He does a very good job.

I love hamburger. It is my favorite food. It is delicious with ketchup. I would like to eat hamburgers every day. I most like burger king or rics burgers. They are both delicious. Burger king or rics burger i always eat. I like to eat it with my family for dinner. It is very delicious with french fries and ranch salsa. It is delicious.

I like soccer as well as ice cream. Soccer is the best sport in the world for me. Robben is one of my favorite soccer player. He is good and is very fast. he is in the Bayern Munich team and it is from Holand. I play soccer and i am midfielder or i am ahead. I am kinda of good. But i like to play it. I love soccer as well as hamburgers. Messi is very good to in soccer.

I like pugs a lot. Not also pugs but every dog in the world. I love animals as well as ice cream and my family. Pugs are very very cute. I like this one because he is smiling. I also like every dog. I used to have a pastor aleman. And also a basset hound. I will never stop loving dogs. They are cute.

I love ice cream. I like every flavor. Like to eat ice cream with my family. I will never stop loving ice cream.I go on weekends. I like the Yogurberry. Yogenfruz. And also cabrerea and bits and cream. I most of the time go in the weekends with my family. It is delicious. I most like the granizado flavor.

I love my family. I put this picture because the Simpsons are a good united family. I love my family because they help me a lot. I help them as well. We always do activities with them. The have fun as well as i do. I always play with my family. Is what i like to do most in the world. I love them with all my heart. I have two brothers. A girl. A boy.

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