How I like to spend my weekends

Some people like to stay at home the entire weekend, some like to think even I sit at home on the weekends, but that's no where near the case. From skating to singing, there is always something I'm doing.

It's rollerblades like these that I am on almost every Saturday. It's for me to say which thrills me more, the speed or jaw dropping tricks.

If I ever get a chance to chose where we eat out Chic Fil A is the first thing I say. Though it is arguable fast food, I believe it is more of an actual restaurant. The best part for me, besides the food, is the respect and kindness of the employees. I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this spectacular place.

If I'm looking to settle down and relax I'll listen to one of my many favorite bands. In this case it was Pierce The Veil. I can't settle for the slower paced R&B, and even the some what speedy Pop and Hip Hop. Rock fits my style perfectly.

There are always going to be the popular sports. Football, baseball, and even basketball. But paintball isn't as common, yet I enjoy it just as much. I enjoy it for the fast paced matches and strategic choices needed to be victorious.

Doing the crazy. I don't always need something expensive to enjoy myself and be silly. Even if it's spitting lemons.

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