World Views - Social Context

Doing justice to the mind bending degree of interrelated and 'entangled' relationships serves to remind us how everything around us connected. This is a fine example and an exceptionally well crafted visual solution.

Mapping The Incredible Entanglement Of Social Context

Coloured lines illustrate pathways within schools. Line width indicates the enrolment volume of the source program in each articulation pair. Grey lines capture existing and potential articulations across schools. Here, transparency indicates the EFTSL size of the source program. The chart captures a total of approximately 4700 articulation pathways. Note that individual program codes have been scrambled for the purposes of this public release.

This data visualisation was undertaken in order to better understand the structure and composition of the Higher Education (HE) segment of the College of Design and Social Context (DSC) at RMIT University.

Identifying the primary relationships in this way are critical as they can identify hot spots, risks and further inform and explain dynamics - translating them as the important pressures, tensions and opportunities that guide the thinking operational decisions reduces risk and gives us confidence in our thinking and planning.