Environmental Industries

The Lighting Products and Services of Environmental Industries

About Environmental Industries

Environmental Industries is a Lutherville, MD, green maintenance company that specializes in ecologically sound replacement lighting fixtures. Its bulbs, tubes, and lamps are designed to operate with maximum efficiency while limiting negative effects on the natural ecosystem. Serving a wide variety of business owners, property managers, maintenance professionals, electrical contractors, and individual repair technicians, Environmental Industries has built a reputation for delivering quality products with outstanding customer service.

The Environmental Industries sales team is trained to meet the specific needs of clients while helping them run their facilities in a smooth, stress-free, and environmentally responsible manner. In an effort to provide practical lighting solutions at a reasonable price, the company alerts customers to a full range of discounts and special bonuses.

Before shipping products from its Lutherville, MD headquarters, Environmental Industries ensures that they operate according to the listed specifications. Every item sold is protected by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

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