Adherence Design

Empower patients to re-design their habits
to hack medication adherence


50 % of medications are not taking correctly - World Health Organization

People forget. People ignore. People have busy lives

In the US, poor medication adherence has an annual price tag of $290 billion in additional healthcare costs, is related to over 125,000 deaths each year and is estimated to be the cause of 25% of all hospital and nursing home admissions.



Make it easy to design your habits around your medication through simple hardware & software that are delightful to use


Alex Ma, CTO at EOO Sweden, demonstrates a functional prototype and complete user case at Health Hack Day Stockholm, where we received 2nd prize for our solution


If a Smart Pillbox was the raw data aggregator for Habits, such a system would in our design be using a micro controller, ambient sensors and a GSM/GPRS-chip for communication.

The system can detect whenever pills in any slot are removed (measuring changes in light) and will then send that information to our cloud service using the regular GSM-network.

It is in the cloud that the magic happens, insights are aggregated and visualized - and habit design enabled. All heavy algorithms and data logging will take place online and made available to the user there, enabling the Smart Pillbox to do a minimal amount of work and only gather very simple data. Thereby, electronics cost are kept low and battery time high.


Prized received for first prototype at Health Hack Day Stockholm, May 2013

Research funding for development of cloud platform provided by Vinnova Foundation, June 2013

Letter of intent from Adeo Care & Selfcare Academy


Proteus - Digital Feedback System

AdhereTech - Patented smart pillboxes

RxAnte - Analytics platform

Health Prize - Gamified reward system

Market size

In the United States, poor medication adherence is directly related to:

125,000 deaths / year

25% of all hospital & nursing home admissions


Customer Segments

Drug companies

Pharmacy chains

Private care giver providers

Families of eldery patients



Quantified Self network

Parkinson Movement

Adeo Care (Swedish assisted living startup)


Quantified Self Stockholm (early adopters / testers)

Adeo Care customer base (extended out-in-the-wild testing) (US launch platform)

Partner customer network (product roll-out)


May 2013 - validation of 1st prototype

August 2013 - unveiling of 2nd prototype and cloud platform

September 2013 - partner negotiatons

November 2013 - launch of 3rd prototype and user testing

March 2014 - release of product 1.0


Alex Ma, CTO, EOO Sweden

Sebastian Sjöberg, CEO, EOO Sweden

Tomas Sareklint, Creative Engineer, All Binary


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