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Adherence Design

Smart Pillbox & Actionable Insights

Tracking your medication intake and following the schedule provided for you by a doctor is hard, damn hard - it's in fact so difficult that 50% of all med doses are taken in the wrong manner (too early, too late, not at all).

Reminders don't work, manual logging is too demanding. But what if the pillbox could just track that for you - immediately communicating to a web server when a pill is taken, or alerting you (or your relative or care giver) when that should have happened but didn't.

Medication adherence is only the most costly and unnecessary areas of waste within healthcare, both in terms of patient suffering and financial cost. This project is our first step towards hacking that by providing an atoms-to-bits system that will automatically detect when meds are taken or not taken and then provide you with Actionable Insights that will help you to better design your habits and lead a healthier life.

All Binary built the hardware prototype, EOO makes the cloud solution.

Crazy FLeap

Steering a tiny quadcopter with the Leap Motion!

So we got the tiniest quadcopter, the Crazy Fly, available to geeks. We also won a Leap Motion at a health hackathon in May. Wouldn't it be cool if...

As if we could resist. It took a weekend, a lot of Python and plenty of broken rotor blades. It may not yet be the technology that will power Elon Musk's next Merlin rocket, but it sure it sci-fantastic - just like these guys figured out two months later :)

Hacked together by EOO & All Binary together at the first EOOAB Labs hackathon!

Sensor Shades

3D printed frames to mount sensors on

Ok Glass, that's all good and well - but what if you could mount some real sensors on some proper shades and start getting truly actionable insights from all that cool data?

Just imagine that you had not only designed and 3D-printed your own frames (to be completed with perscription shades), but that you had also developed them with adding sensors in mind.

Measure how much UV-light your eyes are exposed to, and let your glasses tell your phone when you've been in the sun vs in front of the computer for to long, or when you need to take a break and catch some rays before nightfall. Blend those insights with weather APIs and your glasses will be able to tell you what to do well before the rain starts pouring.

Just imagine... Powered and printed by All Binary

Make. Iterate. See if it blends.

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The EOO Binary Labs is a joint venture and maker space between two start-ups based in Sweden.

EOO makes digital tools for health professionals, focusing on bespoke solutions where native apps and web dashboards intertwine for powerfully intuitive user experience geared for the patient and therapist alike. Our passion lies in designing for users beyond the trodden path, and we enjoy hacking sensors and experiment with Habit Design

All Binary does intrepid prototyping and deploy disruptive technology to automate processes for companies and organizations. Self-learning systems for public transport are here merged with autonomous robots, fused together by maker spirit and machine learning. The team listens to 8bit radio and can't wait for their 3D metal printer to arrive

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