Interior Design by Sezen B

Proposed new advertising office

Proposed Urban town house for an advertising agency, located in Santa Monica, CA the front of the town house is made from recycled sheet metal that has been treated with a matte rust proof paint to protect it from the hot California sun. While the outside is very industrial the inside is very organic. The facade has full panel glass, which slides fully open, so that it also gives a very airy feel the ridged exterior.  Since the office space is located in a section of town that used for both residential and commercial applications it was appropriate to have a stark difference on the outside to the inside.  

In order to create a space that would evoke creativity, serenity  and warmth we decided to use natural stained maple. This inviting brainstorming room is cozy for both employees and clients to discuss advertising strategies. The inside is furnished with beautifully designed furniture like the Eames lounge chair and ottoman and LeCorbusier Swivel arm chair to incorporate the idea of "form follows function"

The focus of this urban townhouse which  is being used as a commercial space, it was necessary to implement the idea of "form follows function". Each divided space had to be clearly designated in order to unify the space but also make it more comfortable so it feels more like a home rather than an office space. Keeping the walls a neutral pallet of creams and beige's while selecting darker colors for the furniture.

Having an atrium softens the very angular feel of the space and adds a punch of color without having to add unnecessary accessories that sometimes clutter any given space.

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