End-of-Year Resources & Ideas

What is your favorite way to keep your students engaged at the end of the school year?

Celebrate the Class & Learning

Class Photo Collage

  • Great way to document your students each year
  • Share with parents*
  • Use as a springboard for college and career activities (discussions, guest speakers, etc)

Apps to Use: Pic Collage, Pic Stitch, Moldiv

Source: http://josphotomojo.com/?p=2718

Pass it On...

  • Dear Next Year's Class  - Students write letters of advice and/or encouragement to next year's students, or...
  • Dear Next Year's Teacher - Students write "Why You Want Me in Your Class" to their teacher for the next year. Then pass the letters along before school starts in August.
  • Book Hall of Fame - Students write reflections on their favorite book they read this year. These recommendations can be shared with your students next year.

Apps to Use: Pencil & Paper, Doodle Buddy (& 30 Hands), Google Docs, iMovie

Teach Me

  • Students prepare a lesson on something important they learned this year and then (re)teach the lesson to their classmates.

Apps to Use: Educreations, iMovie

Math & Science

  • Wolfram Alpha (wolframalpha.com)- Use the Wolfram Alpha website to explore all kinds of topics. Check out this blog post on 10 Fun Questions Kids Can Answer with Wolfram Alpha or these secondary lesson plans.
  • Count the Days - Get a calendar and ask students to count the number of Mondays, Fridays, P.E. days, and even Jell-o in the cafeteria days in the school year. Use the data to create bar charts. (Excel, Google Sheets)
  • Inspired Art - Take art supplies outside and have students create a piece of art that illustrates something you've studied in math or science this year. (iPad Camera and Skitch/Doodle Buddy)

ELAR & Social Studies

  • Zimmer Twins (www.zimmertwins.com)- This website helps students build a video based on a movie starter. Teacher resources are listed here.
  • People of the Year - Let your class create a list of people who have been important in your classroom from historical figures you've studied, authors your class has learned about, special visitors to your class room, or even school personnel like the principal or janitor. Divide up the list among the students and create a book, magazine, or even video with pictures and writing that explains who the people are and why they are important to your class. (Pencil & Paper, Doodle Buddy/Skitch, Google Drive, Haiku Deck, iMovie)


  • Any of these activities that produce digital or physical pieces of art could be uploaded to a site like Shutterfly or Mixbook to create a memory book. You could include photos of the students throughout the creation process as well. With sites like these, the more you use them, the more (or better) coupons you receive for discounted materials.
  • Published Mixbook photobooks will have embed code and display links so you can share the photobook on  your blog or with parents.
  • For more ideas visit TCEA's EOY Resources and Ideas Page.

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