Stanley Xu - Improving Properties, Investments, and Communities

The Longwell Company is housed in a nondescript building in Bellevue, Washington, just across Lake Washington from Seattle. The Seattle Metro Area includes the city, home to over 600,000 residents, and the so-called East Side, across Lake Washington from Seattle where Bellevue is situated, where another 500,000 live. It is the largest urban area in the region, and back in the 1990’s, the Seattle Metro Area enjoyed a historic real estate boom. The Longwell Company was founded in 1992 by the Chinese real estate businessman Stanley Xu. After completing his Graduate studies at Beijing University and receiving his Ph.D. at Oklahoma State University, Xu moved to Bellevue to take advantage of the favorable real estate market. In the early nineties, many real estate firms made money by quickly acquiring and flipping properties with little regard to long-term partnerships and potential profits. All of the major real estate companies sought short-term profits over all else. In 2008, when the property market collapsed, Stanley Xu and the Longwell Company kept at their business because of their unique approach to real estate development and investment.

Stanley Xu quickly established a culture of looking for long-term potential in all properties, as well as analysis of potential gains from renovation and improved property management services. This approach improved many buildings in the Seattle area and gave many residents the services and value they needed. Longwell’s practice of always improving all properties through responsible management and investment in resident services has caused many neighborhoods to thrive as they haven’t before with higher property values and happier residents.

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