5th period

September 9,2014

My Rockin' Summer!

My Week in Houstan:

On June 18th, 2014 we packed are bags for the five hour drive to Houstan, TX. We drove by the famous Sam Houstan statue and it was BIG!!!! The only reason we went to Houstan was because we were going to our aunt's 2nd wedding. The wedding was at Surf Side beach off the coast of Houstan. It was so nice and it had really good cake. The next day we went to the Johnson space center and learned a lot about Apollo 1-17. That last day, we went to Brenham where we went to the Blue Bell ice cream factory where we got to eat as much ice cream as we wanted. But to top it all off that night we went to the legendary Kheema Boardwalk on Galvastan bay. I had lots of fun especially while watching the fireworks show. That was one of the best vacations I've ever had and I can't wait for my next summer vacation.                                                                                    


my summer was so busy yet I had the most fun ever. I went to Houstan, we got my house redone and we're in the middle of painting it. I went to live wrestling events and watched a lot of it on TV. I also played lots of video games and watched a lot more TV. The bottom line is I had a pretty Rockin' Summer!


  • Daily Activity: Swimming
  • Place To Be: Friends house
  • Person To See: Brother
  • Movie/TV show: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes/Modern Family
  • Moment Overall: Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory
  • Song: "My Sweet Summer Is Gone"