Calcium Chloride

Chemical Formula=CaCl2

By Cassie and Jacob


Hi, my name is Calcium Chloride! Let me introduce myself... I am made out of 1 Carbon particle, and 2 Chlorine particles. My nickname is road salt. I am usually used to help keep refrigerated plants cold and to help ice and dust melt on roads and on concrete. I am solid at room temperature. Carbon is one of the elements/molecules in me, and there is only 1 particle of it. I also have the element/molecule Chlorine in me, and there are 2 of those particles. You usually see me on the roads and sidewalks in the winter time. I am what people call a white substance because I am white and I am a substance (pretty self explanatory). Carbon (Ca) and Chlorine (Cl) are both on the periodic table. Carbon is part of the 2nd column and is yellow. Chlorine is part of the 17th column and is green. This means that Carbon is somewhat flammable and is an earth metal. Chlorine is a non-metal in gas form. So now you might know a little bit more about me, aren't I cool?


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