Constitution Of Abazikstan

Article I
The Name of this Country is Abazikstan

Article II
The Purpose of this country is to give poor people taxes because they need to work harder. The only religion is Catholics. And create A Perfect Society/ Country.

Article III
The requirements to be a citizen of this country is you need to pass a test when your born ( 18 in height... 7.5 lbs in weight if not meet the standards will be extirpate)
The expectations of every citizen is to follow every rule and not rebel or not will be put down. The Government require the citizens to snitch out everyone or anyone that is in the Anti-Abazikstan group if not they will be put down with them.

Article IV
The person in charge of this country will be T.O (The one). Government is Totalitarian. No Elections For Pedestrians.

Article V
The government will provide citizens when they turn 18 with a small house and a wife to be greeted with and reproduce. The only Responsibility for the citizens is to follow the Constitution and obey T.O.

Article VI
More Rights for Rich people than Poor People, Safety for Citizens that follow all Laws and Not Rebel.

I. Right to Bear Arms
II. No Assembly of any sort will be allowed.
III. If want to he heard they must send a Letter to T.O and why he wants to speak to the Country

Article VII
Elite People get an education and Lower Class people get education in mechanics and other lower paid Jobs. Tuition for education will be charged on monthly basis ($500.00 per course).

Article VIII
-Diamond On Our flag represents Purity and Wealth
-The Black Background represents Our Country's Mystery
-Red Represents our Country's Bloodshed for Wealth

Article IX
Figure head of this country is T.O. 

Figure Head:



National Anthem

Is what we need to not be Racist
Those are the people that will be thrown into Canyons

Will be looked down on

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