As I look into my iMovie I am focusing my attention on slacktivism.  I was intrigued by the subject, after we had a class discussion on social media and people promoting a cause.  At one point I was going to switch topics after conversing with my professor.  I thought I was on to something but, the prospect of the project was very broad.   After conversing in class, where classmates were included in the discussion, they provided me with ideas that I could apply to slacktivism.  So here I am, working on an iMovie project focusing on slacktivism.  I also have Diigo, but I am not sure how to blog using that platform, so I am saving articles I have found on Diigo and will relate them on here.  This past week, I interviewed several students of mine, in regards to where they stand on promoting a cause.  I received some interesting answers, and many where I can include in my iMovie.  This is the website to my Diigo: . I will be adding more articles and making notes on my findings.  In my next blog, I will focus on my article finding sand share a few of teh articles on here.  One in particular article is written by Malcolm Gladwell.  


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