Assessing e-Books by Aser Santos

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What we expect from e-books.

Here we have a good example of an e-book that is both interactive and original. This e-book fosters student participation and content acquisition. The content is clear and there are a lot of resources for students to investigate.

Going back to the same old thing.

This is an e-book that is not interactive. It has good quality content and attractive pictures but in my humble opinion it is just like a traditional textbook on a different platform.

Even though this e-book does not have a very high multimedia value, it is very original because of its content. It is about WWII seen from an unusual point of view for people from Spain. I like its originality because of the language the author used.

Something new. WWII from a different point of view.

What about students who have different needs?

After spending some time looking for e-books that are properly adapted to students with special needs, I have realized that there are not many options. As a color-blind person, I believe that teachers abuse the usage of keys with colors among many other things. As teachers, we should take into account that what we might consider to be easy or already understood may be a nightmare for people who are a little different from the rest or who just learn in a different way.

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3 years ago

I like your e-book evaluation. The books you have chosen are very different to the books I chose. Thanks to share with us your ebooks evaluations! ;)