Museum Exhibits: Hominids

Homo Habilis
(Handy Man)

Written by: Jocelyn Proferes

Physical Description:

The Handy Man not very different from Lucy. Handy Man had ape and human-like features. They were taller than Lucy but only by a foot. Handy Man along with Lucy was very hairy. They basically had hair all over their body. They did not wear clothes or shoes and they had more human features than Lucy.


The Handy Man had some resources such as rocks. The rocks give them the ability to chop up bones. Also, they had sharp places of stone used cutting. Lastly, they were able to use animal bones as digging sticks.

Special Abilities:

The Handy Man had a lot of special abilities but they are mainly known for being great at making tools- that is why they are called 'Handy Man'. They were able to simply take the resources around them ( rocks, stones, animal bones etc.) and turn them into ''handy'' tools. They used rocks to chop bones and animal bones as digging sicks. This shows that he Handy Man was very creative at tool making.

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