The Wonderful World of the Southern Colonies

                                         By: HayLeigh Skinner 3rd hour

    Like a wonderful neighbor the Southern Colonies are there for you.

The Colonies

  • Georgia
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Virginia
  • Maryland
  • Georgia

    Georgia is always sunny which means that you can grow crops all year long. This also means you can grow tobacco.

    South Carolina

    In South Carolina there is rich soil to grow perfect crops for the whole family. You can also grow cotton to stuff beds, chairs, etc.

    North Carolina

    North Carolina is beautiful and warm which is perfect for growing rice. There is a lot of timber for ship building.


    A lot of fresh rivers and beautiful sites to be seen in virginia. The rivers could be used for trade if you are needing to trade crops or animals.


    In Maryland there is beautiful crops and plants to be grown.

    Weather/ Climate

    • Warm
    • Longest growing season


    • Soil is rich

    Lots of cash crops like-

    • Tobacco
    • Cotten
    • Rice


    • Tobacco
    • Rice
    • Timber
    • Ship building

    Hope you come to the Wonderful Southern Colonies!