February Conference

by Mira R.


On SRI I got a 977 and I need a 740 to be a proficient student by the end of the year.

One thing I need to work on is things like Let It Snow (reading the text, then answering questions) because I got a 7/11.On my voca review I got a 11/12. On my Dust of Snow packet I got a 9/10.I feel like in reading I am a higher than the average student.


One thing I did well on is my Settlers & Indians because I got a 6/6 on that.

One thing I could work on is my News ELA because I got a 3 on that (that was my lowest grade in writing! :D )

I got a 4 on my Colo. Persuasive Essay, a 4 on my Settlers & Indians, and a 3 on my News ELA. I think I am doing well and above grade level.


One or two things I did well on was my Add and subtract fractions, and Multiply and divide with 0 and elapsed time.

One thing I could work on is reducing fractions into the simplest form. I got a 8/10. (Again my lowest score :D )

With everything else I got 1 thing wrong, on Long Division I got 9/10.

I got 3/4 on Fractions greater, less, or equal to 1/2

And on Unknown numbers in an equation I got 4/5.

In math I think I'm doing well. I think I'm a little over grade level.

Social Studies and Science

On my Chapter 4 Unit test I got 15/18.

One thing I am learning in science is about fossils.

For my score on the Chapter 8 Unit test I got 27/30.


I think I am doing very well with my behavior. I have been helping my classmates (especially Chase! :D ) with their work. I love to help out around the classroom and I always try to finish my work. Sometimes I don't know what to do and get confused, but usually I either figure it out or ask Mrs. Morgan. I listen and try my best in everything I do.

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