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Manu Ginobili is an NBA basketball player from Argentina and there are others such as Luis Scola, Carlos Delfino, and Pablo Prigioni.

Argentina's capital is Buenos Aires and Argentina has 8,397 miles of coastline.

Here's a picture of Buenos Aires

Famous Landmarks
#1: The Obelisk
This 220 ft. landmark is hard not to notice and has writings on it.

#2: Talampaya National Park
This landmark is beautiful and attracts many tourists every year.

#3: Mount Fitz Roy
This mountain 3,405 m high and was found in 19th century. It's very beautiful to see and a challenge for mountain climbers.

Argentinian Foods
Food #1: Locre de Argentina
It's a tasty soup with Navy beans, corn, and spicy onion sauce

Food #2: Mianesa
It's thin cut steaks that are breaded and fried.

Food #3: Dulce de Leche
A sticky, sweet caramelized milk-and-sugar sauce

Geography of Argentina
Here's a map of Argentina

Argentina's flag

Argentina's climate and weather

In summer Argentina is about 48 degrees in the south and about 81 degrees in the north because Argentina is a pretty long country.

Argentina beach during the summer

The Cuyo desert can get up to 122 degrees in the summer and is very dry whereas during winter this desert is moderately cool and dry.

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