Oil spill

My math project

Gave you my worksheet.

How I approached this problem is by first getting all the measurements for my squares, circles and triangles that I manipulated in the larger shape. Finding the area for them and then multiplying the area by 15 squared.

My area that I got for the Oil Spill was 33,610.18 Miles

I do not think that my answer was that close to the actual area, because I did a lot of rounding when it came to the shapes that I split the larger shape into. I think that I made it larger and smaller in certain areas that most likely had a giant effect on the areas that I found for all of the different shapes and then adding them all together probably made my answer even more wrong.

I think that my answer is less than the actual shape because of all the ridges and parts sticking out that I didn't count into the final total and find the area to.