End of Year Project

Persusavie Essay

     The world needs good people because of all the violence .

     All the violence needs to stop. If there we're no more good people then imagine what the world would turn into. The good people are what help keep us balanced. There needs to be someone showing right and wrong.

     People may say that it's fine the way it is.  But in reality there blinded. We need good people to show all the bad decision makers something they havent seen. There needs to be good people because there needs to be role modles.

     Without these good people there would be no boundaris. Without boundaries our world would turn hectic. If our world turned like that then there would be no purpose. Cause even good people would give up.

     In conclusion people need to Recognize the importance of good people.  So speak up and lend a helping hand. That can make a whole difference.


Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

My name is Fernando Rodrigue.  I am recommending Alex Retana. I am writing this because he is a very good friend of mine and he is very successful. I have known alex since jr high to this very day.

     I feel he is qualified because he is a very hard worker.  He has a positive attitude and is a peoples person. He knows how to deal with people. He is very argumentive I've seen it myself.

    Alex is very skilled in patience. Lots of them. He's helped people with situations needing to be handled. He has been very good as a deal handler as long as iv know him.

    I highly recommend Alex Retana because this career will better him in his skills. I really think he would perfect for your organization. I'm sure he would be glad to be part of it as well. For more information feel free to contact me at fernie_6983@hotmail.com.



Letter of Intent

                 Rodriguez Fernie Elias

                      83489 Colt Caper

                      El Paso, Tx, 79938

Mat 18,2015

Fernando E Rodriguez


3887 George Dieter

EL Paso  Tx 79932

  Dear, Emmanuel Sosa

I am very interested in pursuing a career in cutting hair. It would be a honor to have a position as a barber or tattoo artist. I take pride in my work and would love to show people what I can do.

    I have cut many peoples hair in the past and present. I would love to continue doing it. I have worked so hard to get we're I am at. I hope you would gibe me a chance and see my work.




Name: Fernando Rodriguez

Phone: (915)-289-3488

Address: colt combat Dr 123348



Objective: open up my own place to cut hair and do tattoos in the same spot and grow and become more skilled.

Edgucaction: hurshel antwine yrs:3

Hernando middle yrs:3

El Dorado yrs: 1

Experience:worked at my dads shop as a barber

Skills: I can draw cut hair and a quick learner.

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