The Man Who Came To Dinner

by: George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart


Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley, Miss Preen, Richard Stanley, June Stanley, John, Sarah, Mrs. Dexter, Mrs. McCutcheon, Mr. Stanley, Maggie Cutler, Dr. Bradley, Sheridan Whiteside, Harriet Stanley, Bert Johnson, Professor Metz, Mr. Baker, Lorraine Sheldon, Sandy, Beverly Carlton, Westcott, Two Deputies, Banjo, Radio Technicians, Six Young Boys, Expressman and The Luncheon Guests

Main Characters

Sheridan Whiteside: Witty (mental), Conceited (emotional), Snooty (behavior), Amusement (motivation), Plump (physical)

Maggie Cutler: Caring (mental), Faithful (emotional), Helpful (behavior), Loyalty (motivation), Small (physical)

Mr. Ernest W. Stanley: Well-Educated (mental), Discombobulated (emotional), Strict (behavior), Anger (motivation), Sturdy (physical)

Mrs. Ernest W. Stanley: Sophistication (mental), High-Strung (emotional), Protective (behavior),  Family (motivation), Medium-Build (physical)

Richard Stanley: Creative (mental), Artsy (emotional), Observant (behavior), Talented (motivation), Mesomorphic (physical)

June Stanley: Optimistic (mental), Sensitive (emotional), Gullible (behavior), Love (motivation), Petite (physical)


1. Sheridan Whiteside trips and injures himself on the Stanley's front porch steps. By doctors' orders, he has to stay at the Stanley house and recover.

2. Whiteside gets on the bad side of Mr. & Mrs. Stanley, Ms. Preen, and Maggie Cutler.

3. Whiteside realizes that he has come between his secretary's and her partner's love for his own selfish reasons. He also realizes he will lose his secretary for good and on bad terms if he does not change his ways.

4. Banjo and Whiteside trick Lorraine Sheldon into a sarcophagus to help save Ms. Cutler's love life.

5. Whiteside threatens Mr. Stanley to order the cops to help Banjo get the sarcophagus to the airport.

6. Ms. Cutler forgives Whiteside. He triumphantly leaves only to slip again on the Stanley's front porch step. He ends up actually getting hurt.

Obituary for Sheridan Whiteside

Sheridan Whiteside, 36 year-old radio personality, died on December 25th, 1939 due to an overdose of painkillers for his hip injury. Sheridan Whiteside had graduated from high school and college to become a radio personality. Whiteside had no children.


Notes: Mr. Whiteside's accident isn't shown in the play; The doctor looked at the wrong x-rays and it turns out, Whiteside didn't need the wheelchair because he could walk just fine; Mr. Stanley's sister was an axe-murderer; Whiteside ended up slipping on ice again and actually hurt himself

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