fossil fuels

conserve, conserve, conserve

Here you will learn about the awesome fossil fuels we need to conserve. Fossil fuels are decayed plants and animals that form with millions of years of heat and pressure that becomes energy.

the 3 fossil fuels

The 3 fossil fuels are coal, oil, and natural gas.


Coal is a sedimentary rock. It is either black or a dark brownish color. Coal is formed by dead animals after millions of years of pressure. It is a nonrenewable resource. We use coal mostly for electricity and heat. It also was used to refining metals. If I were you I would want to be good so I didn't get coal in my stocking.  



Oil is formed from decayed parts of plants. Oil is a nonrenewable resource and is used for food, fuel, and in the manufacturing of paints, plastic, and other materials. Mineral oil is organic. The oil we find from the ground is black in color.

Natural gas

Natural gas is a fossil fuel which is formed from layers of plants, gases, and animals. It needs heat, pressure and thousands of years to form. The energy that the plants originally obtained from the sun helps with the chemical bonds in natural gas.

This is a photo of a stove fire which needs natural gas.

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