English 2 with Ms. Holman

World Literature

Welcome to English II - World Literature. I am happy to have you this year and am excited about all that we will learn together!

Access Schoology

Access Codes:

1 1 Block - 2CQ2T-VKQR7

2 1 Block - ZTGRC-GB5H5

1 2 Block - HDKXQ-3J4QM

2 2 Block - KXRVM-7XTNZ

5th Block - TZXHT-578M9

Holman's Weebly


1. Access Schoology

2. Complete Contact Log & Contract

3. Read Critical Analysis Expectations

4. Complete Critical Analysis Discussion Board

5. Set up English folder or LiveBinder

"BE" Words

  • Determine a word that you want to focus on for the semester.
  • I want to Be Empowering. What do you want to be?
  • Design your word.
  • Choose a quote that embodies your word and will serve as inspiration throughout the year.

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