"the real news"

here today on "the real news" four people found dead three with gun wounds and one with a poison doctors say can be only found over seas that was used in ww2 but has made it's way to the U.S. is it all over love or hatred for each other. For many centuries two families capulets & mantague have always hated each other and has been messing up the city with gun fights and drive by shootings and many people have gotten tired of the mess and wants justice in there city.

and in other news tybalt and mercutio slain!!

tybalt is lady capulets nephew and also juliet's short tempered cousin and while he is also remeo's rival. around the city tybalt is called prince of cats or king of cats. reporters say that tybalt killed romeo's bestfriend mercutio and we also have word from romeo's cousin that tybalt was killed killed by romeo hours late. To others tybalt was a antagonist because of his ways but he also sometimes followed orders if give by sir capulet and if it involed a montague "head"/killed

mercutio is a close friend to romeo and a blood relative to prince escalus and count paris. Being neither a montague or capulet he is one of the few that can be at both montague and capulets house but also being a close friend to romeo he has a "hatred" for capulet's too. but reporters have told us that mercutio was killed by tybalt from a stabbing on the side which led him to bleed out to his death. benvolio told us that mercutio tried to help romeo after he plead for peace for them two but tybalt didn't want peace only to fight romeo and in the end trying to save a friend cost him his life.

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