My Thanksgiving

Ciera Gill

Me and baby brother Kenny on our way to eat our thanksgiving dinner's

     On my thanksgiving break I did a lot of stuff. On thanksgiving I had two dinner's, first I went to my cousin Towana house and we ate really good over there. We had homemade dressing with turkey and homemade backed Mac and cheese and greens and green beans.

     Second we went to my stepdad side of the family and I ate spaghetti, turkey, Mac and cheese, greens, homemade potato salad, with devil eggs and etc. Me and my cousin played some video's games and ate some cupcakes and a cake. After I went to my stepdad side of the family we went to go see his brother and his kids and his wife and my baby brother went with us to see them.

     On Friday I went bowling with my uncle that just came back from the ARMY and my auntie and my little cousins and my baby brother and my grandpa a we had so much fun. After that we went to a jungle gym for my auntie GOD's son fifth birthday party.

       On Saturday I had a mother and daughter day and it was fun we went out to eat and we went to my mom friend house and then she dropped me off this lady house that do the praise dance team for my church and I spent a night at her house with her daughter and the bishop daughter and it was fun.

         On Sunday I went to church and after church I went home with my mom and brother and we put up our Christmas tree and other decoration's already and it was fun.

                       And that was my Thanksgiving weekend 😄😄😃😃😀😀🍗🍗🍖🍖

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