The globe : the wooden O

- James burbage the father of Richard burbage

-James was the actor who perform the most of the shake sphere great tragic parts

- Mr.burbage decide to build the first permanent theater just outside the city London

-In 1599 the owner of land burbage has built his theater has decide to rise the rent because the theatre was somewhat behind in rent payments . He threaten to take the theater

-in Henery V. Shakesphere calls the theater this wooden O

-January 20,1599 his son ( cuthbert ) and others in the company stealthily took there theater timber by timber and rod the pieces across the river where they lately reconstructed the theater and called it the globe

-this was the theater that Shakespeare greatest plays were performed

-Sout  pillars held up a narrow roof over the rear part of the stage . This was called the heavens

- the front of the stage was equipped with the trapped door which can be use for the burial scene a surprise and an mysterious  exit

-a replica of the globe theater has been constructed very near its former location in London .  The queen of England attend its opening in 1997 and Shakespeare plays are still performed there today

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Project by John Estep , Melinda Taylor and dignity richardson