ePortfolios are AWEsome:
The Why, How, and What of Student Digital Portfolios

In this session, we will discuss the benefits and purpose of student-created digital portfolios, thoughtfully evaluate considerations for selecting an e-portfolio platform, explore tools for digitally archiving learning artifacts, glean ideas for using ePortfolios in a K-12 setting, and much more!

Participants will dive in to experience the possibilities of an ePortfolio first-hand to model workflow strategies for digitizing and uploading student work. With a focus on the Why, How, and What of ePortfolios, you will want to sail right in to the 2015-2016 school year with a deeper understanding and drive for purposeful digital student platforms.

Start with the Why!

WHY ePortfolios

PURPOSEful Collection

Discover the How!

Things to Consider...

  • Ownership: Who can add/edit the content and ePortfolio? When can students add/edit the content and ePortfolio? Are the ePortfolios transferable from year to year? Will students have access to their content after they graduate or if they move to another district? How can content be exported from the platform?
  • Sharing: Who gets to the portfolio? Can students that work on a group project each post the project to their portfolio?
  • Feedback: Can students comment and provide feedback on another student’s work? Can a teacher provide feedback privately? Do outsiders (e.g. parents, other classes, etc…) have access to comment on the work? How are comments and feedback moderated?
  • Organization: How is content organized and does it offer tags and additional search options?
  • Portfolio Populating Plan: What plan will you use for portfolio population? (e.g. time-based, theme-based, skill-based)
  • Portfolio Platform: Is the platform device-neutral? What is the cots of the platform? What is the ease of workflow and user-friendliness of the platform? How easy is it to transfer content from one platform to another? What is the storage capacity of the platform? What file types are accepted by the platform?Does the platform offer built in tools to create content? (e.g. an audio or video recorder)
  • Training for both Pedagogy, Process, and Platform: Staff/Admin/Students

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Picking a Platform (and Planning)

How will you Assess?

Explore the What...

Learning Artifacts

What Will Be Included with a Learning Artifact?

  • Learning Objective
  • Task Explanation
  • Product
  • Process
  • Student Reflection** (example)
  • Learning Goals
  • Achievements

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Sample ePortfolios

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