ePortfolios are AWEsome:
The Why, How, and What of Student Digital Portfolios

In this session, we will discuss the benefits and purpose of student-created digital portfolios, thoughtfully evaluate considerations for selecting an e-portfolio platform, explore tools for digitally archiving learning artifacts, glean ideas for using ePortfolios in a K-12 setting, and much more!

Participants will dive in to experience the possibilities of an ePortfolio first-hand to model workflow strategies for digitizing and uploading student work. With a focus on the Why, How, and What of ePortfolios, you will want to sail right in to the 2014-2015 school year with a deeper understanding and drive for purposeful digital student platforms.

Start with the Why!

WHY ePortfolios

PURPOSEful Collection

Discover the How!

Things to Consider...

  • Ownership: Who can add/edit the content and ePortfolio? Are the ePortfolios transferable from year to year? Will students have access to their content after they graduate or if they move to another district?
  • Sharing: Who gets to see it?
  • Feedback: Can students comment and provide feedback? Can a teacher provide feedback privately?
  • Organization: How is content organized and does it offer tags and additional search options?
  • Portfolio Populating Plan: What plan will you use for portfolio population? (e.g. time-based, theme-based, skill-based)
  • Portfolio Platform: Cross-Platform/Device-Agnostic, Cost, Ease of Workflow and User-Friendliness of Platform, SIS/SMS Integration, Storage Capacities, File Types and Platform Archival Widgets
  • Training for both Pedagogy, Process, and Platform: Staff/Admin/Students

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Picking a Platform (and Planning)

How will you Assess?

Explore the What...

Learning Artifacts

What Will Be Included with a Learning Artifact?

  • Learning Objective
  • Task Explanation
  • Product
  • Process
  • Student Reflection**
  • Learning Goals
  • Achievements

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What tools can be used to create  a Multimedia Narrative?

Sample ePortfolios

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