Haiti in 1950s

The 1950's

Haiti had two rulers during 1950's Dumarsais Estimé and Paul Magloire .When elections were finally organized, François Duvalier, a rural doctor, was elected, on a platform of activism on behalf of Haiti's poor.Duvalier produced a constitution to solidify power, and replaced the bicameral legislature with a unicameral one. In 1964, Duvalier declared himself President-for-Life. He fired the chief of the military and established a Presidential Guard to maintain his power.

After returning to Haiti, he became minister of health and labor in the government of President Dumarsais Estimé, who had once taught Duvalier in high school. After opposing the takeover of the government by Paul Magloire in 1950, Duvalier returned to the practice of medicine, especially the campaigns to prevent yaws and other diseases. In 1954 he abandoned medicine and went into hiding in the Haitian countryside. In 1956 the Magloire government forgave all of its political opponents. Duvalier immediately emerged from hiding and declared his candidacy for the next elections.

population increased

People left because of the ruling of their leader. He was making the citizens do things that werent allowed to do Until the late 1950s, only about five hundred Haitians permanently immigrated to the U.S. each year, while another 3,000 came temporarily as tourists, students, or businesspeople.

Little Background of after 1950

François Duvalier was the notorious ruler of Haiti throughout the 1960s. François Duvalier was a physician (which was the source of his nickname, "Papa Doc") who worked in the Haitian government beginning in the mid-1940s. With the army's support, he was elected to the presidency in 1957. In 1964 he declared himself president for life and indeed, stayed president until his death in 1971, when his son, Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, succeeded him. Papa Doc was an expert in voodoo who ruled Haiti with brute force and terror, with a ruthless security force, the Tontons Macoutes, acting as real-life bogeymen who routinely executed his opponents. "Baby Doc" Duvalier was finally sent into exile in France in 1986 after an upraising in Haiti.