By: Samantha Duffy




Most business people in Malawi speech english when at meetings. English and Chichewa language is taught in schools. Chichewa is the countries national language. Some small tribes have their own language.

Interesting Culture

Some tribes dance with masks on and do a dance for special accessions.


Most of the Malawians use flour for their food. They have corn, bread, flour, and seeds most of the time.  They would get their food from their own farms or go to villages were there is markets and by the food there.


Students have to wear school uniforms. Most of the time boys only go to school. They are taught English and Chichewa. Most of the classes are outdoors because the sizing of the schools. Most schools are not held in villages so most people have to walk a long time to school. Primary school and the uniforms are free, but Secondary school isn't free and so not a lot of people go to secondary school. You have to be really smart to attend college and become very wealthy.  

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