Day 1

Whilst reading a book yesterday, I had an idea. What if there was a fast-food restaurant that specialised in making french fries? So, there would be fifteen different types of fries, and fifteen types of sauces to accompany them. Then you could mix-and-match different combos. Here are are fifteen different fries and fifteen different sauces that they could have on their menu.

1. Potato fries
2. Sweet potato fries
3. Pumpkin fries
4. Apple fries.
5. Pear fries.
6. Banana fries
7. Chilli fries
8. Potato wedges
9. Curly Fries
11. Vegetable fries (tempura style)
12. Chicken fries
13. Shredded beef fries
14. Fish skin fries
15. Noodle fries.

1. Tomato sauce
2. Barbecue sauce
3. Mayonaise
4. Vinegar
5. Mustard
6. Chocolate sauce
7. Cinnamon cream
8. Apple sauce
9. Maple syrup
10. Caramel sauce
11. Chilli sauce
12. Mexican salsa (mild)
13. Mexican salsa (spicy)
14. Tartare sauce
15. Aioli

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