French Games


What is Petanque?

Petanque is a French game where people must play on a sandy surface. There is a target ball, which is very small, and you have to hit it with a big metal ball. The target ball is reflective, and you get extra points if your ball stays in place when it hits the target ball, considering it might hit the target ball. The one who hits the target ball the most wins! That is petanque!


Escargot is a game similar to hopscotch, but instead of the hopscotch outline, the boxes form a snail, for escargot means "snail" in French. Children must hop on one foot from square to square, until they reach the center of the snail shell, AKA the center square. When they do, they must claim one square where no child can hop to from then on. As the game continues, children claim more squares, and the game gets harder. The last one to the center square loses, and everyone else wins!


Bilboquet is kind of like paddle ball, but instead of trying to hit a ball on a string with a paddle, you try to catch a ball on a string with a cup-like device. The cup device had a handle, and you held it, threw the ball into the air, and tried to catch it in the cup. It was used in the 1600s by Europeans. In North America, children used it as a toy, while adults used it to gamble. It is most commonly used in the Arctic,France, and Peru.