FINLAND BIG 5  By: Ben Fahrenkrug


Finland is located in northern Europe next to Sweden. It is usually very cold and snowy most of the year. There are thousands of lakes in Finland. These factors impact Finnish people, for many tourists come to Finland to do snow related activities or go boating in the lakes.


Finland has a very friendly society. Most people speak either Swedish or Finnish, and they are the country’s two official languages. Many people are happy in Finland, and they have a high literacy rate, good healthcare, and strong economy. Some popular foods are mustikkapiirakk, which is a kind of blueberry pie, and pannukakku, which are basically oven cooked pancakes. They society impacts the people of Finland in a way that makes it different from other countries. People live a fun and unique lifestyle because of the society Finland offers.


Some technologies in Finland include Timber, Communications, and the company Nokia. Also there is a very efficient postal system, and almost the entire country uses the internet. These technologies greatly impact the people, for they keep the economy strong. The sale of Timber, pulp, and paper gives many jobs and this is why it is one of Finland's leading industries.


Finland's prime minister is currently Jyrki Katainen. Finland has government is a republic. Their country has free universal healthcare and is a very honest government. They have a national government, provincial governments, and local governments, similar to the United States. In Finland citizens have rights and overall the government runs pretty smoothly.


Finland's money system is Euros. Finland imports a lot of its goods. It has many natural resources such as minerals, timber, and limestone. Finland is a leading nation in environment protection and recycling. Also exports lots of telecommunications equipment, machinery, and timber. The economy impacts the people, for it provides many with jobs and helps keep the country run efficiently.

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