What to Expect from a DVD Duplication Service

Handing over precious recorded material for someone else to duplicate for resale or distribution can be a scary proposition. This is especially so when the work contained is valuable and the final presentation can make or break a career. This is precisely why it pays to work with a professional DVD duplication service that insists on quality results while making the entire process as easy as possible on clients.

When DVD duplication is needed, some of the best services go above and beyond to ensure their clients have a very easy time getting their work to translate. The basic process some of the best DVD duplication companies follow involves just a few simple steps:

  • Creating the work – OK, this step might not be so easy. But, the first step does involve creating the original work that needs to be duplicated. The best services can work with a variety of video and audio formats to make it simpler on clients. The key in making the original is ensuring quality from the start and being sure to have the file carefully stowed in high quality on a computer for easy transmission to the DVD duplication service.
  • Selecting the quantity – Once the hard part is done, working with a service is pretty simple. Some of the best companies even enable clients to order their DVD duplication completely online. Those that do typically start off asking for the quantity of finished discs required. Once that decision is made, the pricing schedule is easier to estimate.
  • Artwork – The outside of a DVD is almost as important as what’s stored on it. With that in mind, a good DVD duplication firm will offer online tools for creating artwork. They can also accept premade artwork to print on each disc in an order. Generally, an online program will walk clients through this step.
  • The content – Once the DVD number and design decisions are made, the company will, of course, need the content to include on the discs. DVD duplication service companies that accept online orders will generally simply ask clients to upload their work right to their orders.

Once everything is in place for the order, the service will take it from there. DVDs should be replicated and ready to go in just a few short days. The end result should be a high-quality run that represents the original very well while looking incredible with customized artwork on the front. The process is very simple, affordable and produces the kind of results needed to help get work noticed.

About the Company

EasyDisc is a leading online provider of DVD duplication services. The company specializes in taking its customers’ creations and making them look fabulous for distribution.