Agents of Socialization

Jailynn Lake-Noel

Peer Groups

My friends have socialized me in many ways. They exposed me to sometimes difficult situations and taught me how to handle them. They also helped me develop social skills and values that I seek out when making new friends such as kindness. I learned how to accept different points of view and how to conform to a group. My best friends helped me shape and solidify my interests. I learned to value honesty and dependability from my friends. To me, my peers represent togetherness and are an extension of my self.


My family was the first group of people to socialize me, so I hold them in the highest regard. From a very early age, the importance of unity was instilled in my brain. They taught me basic manners like treating others the way you want to be treated and how to act appropriately both inside and outside of the home. My mom taught me the importance of hard work and my dad taught me to be self sufficient and confident. I am an only child, but my parents still taught me the importance of sharing.  They also taught me about respecting other people, especially the elderly, and how to tolerate others even if they are different from me in any way.

Mass Media

The mass media has some affect on how I see myself. I actually try not to let the media shape me, but it does anyway. I flip through clothing magazines to see what is popular and conform to the rest of popular culture. Social media has also played a part in my socialization. I have an Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Kik, and Snapchat account. All of these apps expose me to the popular media. T.V. has also helped to shape my personality. The old children's shows that I used to watch taught me about manners and developed my behavioral patterns. The shows that I watch now mainly make me compare my life to the lives of others.


School has socialized me in multiple ways. At school, I learned about the importance of time management. I mostly learned this through extra curricular activities that occurred before of after school like Jazz Band and Student Council. School is also preparing me for life in the business world. From my extra curricular music activities (Band and Orchestra) I learned how to improvise and resolve conflicts or make them work.

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